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Default Belize City, Central America

Have any of you ever been to Belize City, Central America? My husband and I love it!!!

Just a quick thought...when traveling by Carnival Cruise Lines to Belize City, the staff does not tell the passengers of ANY shopping in Belize City (ship backed or not). They also tell you very little about the shore excursions. They say this is because the city is not safe...

Let me just say that we have been to Belize many times and actually own oceanfront property in Southern Belize. It is third world, yes. However this does not make it dangerous to take the tender in to shop at the Belizean Tourism Villiage or out on the streets on the city either.

We have met some wonderful people in Belize, my best friend (and her husband) are actually the former owners of the Belizean Tourism Villiage. Go say hi. She runs the "Pharmacy Express" in the Village, her name is Angela (from New Orleans-former Wal-Mart pharmacist).

Any thoughts on this subject?

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