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Default Re: Belize City, Central America

About is the only english speaking country in Central America, that until 1981 was actually British Honduras.

If you really want to see the true Belize from a cruse ship tour, head west on the Western Highway towards the Belize Zoo. There is a great little place to have a local meal and local beer (Belikin), called La Democracia. Locals run the place, fresh food, great tamales, and good conversation.

The Central American Mountain range The Maya Mountains are visible from the road (looking to the south). Very beautiful.
Altun Ha is a good place to go for a day of climbing ruins and gathering history of the Maya in Belize. Snorkeling at Goffs Caye is a wonderful experience. It is a tiny island about 12 or so miles off shore, where you can snorkel from the boat of the island. Great fun. Cave tubing is a blast!!! The best. Be ready for a rainforest walk (45 minutes) but you will be rewarded with a cool float down the river into underground caves. Any or all are worth the money. Go to a vendor on the dock, they are much cheaper than the cruse line tours.

As far as shopping, in the Belizean Tourism Village you can get just about anything from Guatamalan carvings, local handicrafts, Cashew rum (made in Belize), good food and drinks, t-shirts, bags etc.... The vendors outside the village will come down on their prices some, but generally have less of a selection. It's great meeing locals here.

We decided to invest in property ther because we loved the country and it's people tremendously. They are friendly, and make you feel right at home. Also, we were looking for somewhere to retire when the time comes (20 years or so). We knew that anything on the Carribean would go up in value.

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From a safety standpoint, we have never had a problem anywhere. For more information on the goings on in Belize go to Great site for updates on local things.

Thanks for asking.
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