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Default Re: Sea sick anyone???

Start with this. Do you get motion sick? Car sick etc. If you don't then you probably will not get sea sick. The motion experienced in a small fishing boat is dramatically more than normally experienced at sea on a cruise ship.
That said, alternate remedies to Dramamine or Bonine if they make you sleepy would be several. Ginger is a natural remedy and can be purchased in most health food shops, suplement shops (GNC) and many grocery stores. Sea Bands are elastic wrist bands with little bumps that press on your pulse points. Sols in same place as Bonine
in your local store. My daughter swears by them for two carsick prone kids.
The common over the counter anti histamine Benedryl is also effective ) but is not non drowsy.
There is also the prescription required scopalamine patch.
Happy sailing
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