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Default Re: Sea sick anyone???

Just an FYI, the non-drowsy version of Dramamine contains the same active ingredient that Bonine has, which is Meclizine and is supposed to cause less drowsiness than regular Dramamine which contains the active ingrediant dyphenhydramine which is the same active ingredient in Benadryl and Tylenol P.M. and it has the tendency to make people very sleepy.
So if you had problems with Bonine making you that drowsy, you may want to consider a lower dose or not take it at all and see if you are prone to being seasick before taking it. as well as trying the homeopathic remedies above like ginger and sea bands.
The Scopolamine patch has many side effects and the ship we were on in January had a sign posted on the infirmary door that they were no longer prescribing it due to the side effects. So if you are considering this, get it from your doctor at home before you go.
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