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Dear All,

Thanks for your response - glad to see I am not alone!!!

With regard to rotting the 'brian' I can understand that view when it comes down to so called reality shows.

We all know they are basic rubbish, but somehow however many times you say to yourself 'I am not going to watch that', you do!

Over here, we have our own Big Brother, Get me out of here I'm a celebrity (all classification 'D' rated celebs!!), Apprentice (with Sir Alan Sugar NOT Donald Trump) Survivor etc.

However, with shows like American Idol and the X Factor, I like to think that it is supposed to be more like a talent show rather than a bunch of 'd' rated celebs or general joe public making fools of themselves. Obviously, there are the cringe moments when some of the singers really bomb their notes (like Michekella kept doing) and of course, when the judges start squabbling at each other. Simon may appear to be mean at times, but he has proven that he knows what he is talking about having made millions out of record deals and at times, Paula can be just too sweet as she is so scared to offend.

Rollerdonna - I agree with you re Anwar and the resemblance to Barry Gibb - very smouldering. However, I feel he lacks that special edge to win.

For me , Carrie does have an excellent voice but is too much country music focused to become what I would class an 'Idol'. I think she still needs to show that she is able to sing and perform any type of musicstyle to achieve that covetted award.

At least with Constantine, even though he is a 'rocker' at heart, he has been able to show that he can perform ballads, the Partridge FAmily etc. and can deviate from his original muscial vogue.

Dear Partyanimal - that is a shame you cannot get Eastenders over there now. I too really love it even though I have to be totally honest, it is really nothing like what British life is today - it may have rung true 50 years ago but times have moved on. However, for us at 7.30 each evening, it is easy viewing whilst relaxing after a hard day's work as you just know that people just don't live like that anymore.

BTW, is Fantasia doing well after her win last year - don't hear of her over here in Britain?

Kind regards,
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