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Default Re: Accidental crossdresser!!

In November of 2003 we sailed the Elation out of Galveston and had the most memorable cruise - there was a group of 30 crossdressers onboard! Needless to say, formal night was a sight to behold as the entire group posed on the staircase for their professional photos. Later that evening my husband and I were in the photo gallery searching for the group's picture. When we found it the young man working in the shop said "I don't understand the fascination with this photo - there are only about 30 people in the shot but I've already sold 70 photos. What's the deal?" I asked him if he had looking reeeall closely at the "women" in this photo. He didn't seem to catch my meaning - for a while.
They also had quite a presence at the talent show and 3 of the guys wore bikinis poolside.
What a sight! They enjoyed being photographed and posed with grandmothers, etc. it was a scream.

The poor little cruise director was beside himself, not being sure what comments were going to show up on those all important comment cards. But it was the next to last cruise prior to his retirement so he was a bit less worried than he would have been.

I'll never see Tootsie or Mrs. Doubtfire again without remembering that week on the Elation.

Magnolia Blossom
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