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Default Feeling sad.....

My dad just called from germany. We talked for about 30min about all different things.He is getting old <78> He thought today was May 1st. I guess today is Fathers day in Germany. I had no idea...I always send him a card in June. Having lived here 20 years I don't follow German holidays. He told me he went to see my mother at the nursing home<they divorced when I was 4 > He told me she looks "terrible", very skinny and does not speak or recognize him. It was her birthday and I wasn't able to be there. Or for any of my family memebrs for that matter..I feel so sad and guilty. They are getting older and I can't be there with them. My aunt's birthday is next week she will be 80. She was like a mother to me all my life. I can't be there either. I am so upset about it and at the same time I almost hate myself for being stuck here. I don't travel well alone so I can't just go there for a visit.

Sorry I just had to vent to my cyber family

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