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Certain members of the staff are allowed to interact with the passengers in public areas while "off-duty" but many choose not to as they are bone-tired and just want to relax for a bit. Those that are allowed this privledge are either Officers or considered Officers and are staff of the CD such as dancers or hosts. The rules for them are very strict and they many times are not even allowed to sit down with you. No matter how well you know them as Kuki said, they are not allowed in your cabin or you in theirs or they face immediate dismissale. I can vouch for that as we have a couple of crew that are very close and we even keep in touch and do things while they are off the ship together including staying at each others homess and close friends with the entire family. We have no less than probably a dozen or more crew that are that close to us and one that I am closer to than a sister and probably 50 or more that I know well enough to know on a first name basis between both of us. None of them can come in our cabin unless both of us are there and the door is open and even then only for a minute and when we meet onboard while they are off in some areas they cannot sit down with us or even go. The rules are very strict. That said, it is very worthwhile to meet some of these folks are they are amazing people and many will return your friendship tenfold.

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