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Lynne and Trevor
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Default Re: What's Wrong With Me ????

It's not the work you'll miss, it will be the people you've been working with over the years. The job can go, but you can still correspond with, and socialize with the co-workers if you so desire. I have found though, that despite all the good intentions to stay in touch, gradually that fades, too, and a Christmas card, maybe, is all that is necessary.
A couple of us at our job feel that we "can't " even take a vacation because everything will fall apart. I told my colleague that a mental health professional told me that I'm allowed to take off now and then-that the building will not crumble with out me, and the world WILL go on. Now, I don't feel as badly about taking off-although I have a time trying to fill 3 weeks of vacation that I finally earned.
I agree with the rest. Take a long cruise or vacation trip FAR away from work. Then just rest up awhile when you get back. Amazingly, you'll get used to not having to get up, or meet some deadline, or fix some sink or.........
And, yes, if called, you're suddenly a "consultant" and demand some good money for your time!!!
Good luck!! Lynne
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