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Default Re: What's Wrong With Me ????

When I retired, I actually lost two jobs. The nonpaying part of the job was to wake up the rooster that woke up everyone else. By the time he crowed, I was on the road. Most days of the year, I was already at full productive capacity before the last star faded into the spreading daylight.

It has been 3 years since the last time I worked that schedule, but at this point, the latest I can sleep most mornings is about 5 o'clock, a little later on weekends. And it's I who wake myself, not some alarm clock. So my job is now to make the coffee every night, make occasional trips to the grocery or hardware store, take occasional drives around the yard on the lawn tractor--and to use all those tools I've spent money on over the years.

Yesterday I took apart the pool pump, to find out why it quit working late last year. There was quite an accumulation of "whirlybird" seed pods that worked their way past the screens and sumps, and packed themselves tightly in the vanes of the impeller. I was able to get them out with the aid of a screwdriver and pipe cleaner. The point of that is that there's no true retirement. Only your job and income change. And ironically, as your income gets fixed, it's you that gets broke. So you start to do the things you used to hire someone else to do, and it keeps you sanely busy as you become the guy who removes the stuff that hits the fan. That, in itself, is your new profession. It will pay massive dividends in long term fulfillment. So, congratulations, and enjoy yourself.

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