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Default Re: Red hat ladies???

The golf club/restaurant I manage hosts several Red Hat Ladies luncheons every year and they are a great bunch of ladies - in every sense of the word.

What I like about them is that there is no pretentiousness - no charity they espouse, no "we have to go or we'll be out of the group" attitude, no cattiness (why are women always compared to cats?), nothing phony about them. I certainly didn't encounter "drunken hootchies on the prowl" - they were too busy enjoying their companions.

They want to have a good meal, some have a drink or two, a lot of laughs, much sharing of experiences, some great advice and a chance to make new and dear friends, and a great feeling of fellowship.

Life it too short to judge people - if it makes you happy and is not hurting anyone, just do it!
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