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Default Re: Red hat ladies???

I guess I have, once again, missed something. What are the JWs that someone has in their family,FYI, and who is trying to be politically correct about what that they know nothing about?

All I tried to do was warn those concerned that there are different types of Red Hat Societies and it might be wise to attend a couple of functions to see if you are compatible with the style of a particular group. That's far more practical than winding up with a closet full of purple clothes and red hats and no where to go..... which is what happened to my mom and me.

No one is saying that All Red hat groups are full of drunken, man-chasing hootchies...... we just had the misfortune to run across one that was. We have, if fact, been asked to join a spin-off group, but their news letter makes it clear that they mostly just do shopping excursions to every mall w/in a 200-mile area...... once again- not our thing. I think the Red Hat concept is a good one- you just have to find a group that's fun for YOU! Mother and I are like Trip- we need a book-reading, tea-sipping, cruise-taking Red Hat Society!
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