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Default Damn! You guys are GOOD!!

I'm typing at the moment at my mother's home in N.C. When I arrived here on Sunday night and saw her in the hospital she was so weak, shaking, and confused. She hadn't eaten anything in days. I thought she was not leaving.

She spoke of where and how she wanted to be buried. Where to find her assets and investments, etc. She said she was ready to go.

I spoke words of encouragement to her. Told her of the trips she still needs to take. Of the get togethers she would have with her girlfriends again at her place in Hilton Head, playing bridge, dominoes, etc. just like she loved to do.

Then I read her the posts of all of you who were praying for her. People I had never met and she never knew, even by internet communication. She was flabbergasted.

Well, I want you all to know your prayers work!!! She rebounded Monday and the doctors had no explanation but allowed her to go home. Today, Thursday, she is eating like a horse, taking walks around her condominium plex, doing laundry, fixing meals, etc. And she's not even napping during the day!!!!!

Now the real kicker...................her eyesight is returning!!!!! The doctors said last week she had macular degeneration and there was no help for her. She would continue to lose her eyesight ! ! ! Ah HAH ! They were wrong !

Thank you all so much. You just don't know how much you touched her when I read your posts to her. In fact, she couldn't read them then, but less than a week later she can!

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