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Default It's Been 6 Months Since My Last Cruise....Why Does It Feel


I have a hard time getting any sympathy from my friends, relatives, or co-workers, as most of them have never been on a cruise; but it's been 6 months since my last cruise, but it feels a lot longer. I have one booked for the end of September on RCCL, Radiance of the Seas to Hawaii, but it seems forever until that time. I'm having a real hard time waiting, as I've experienced some hard times since my last cruise and I'm getting no sympathy from any of my friends or relatives, as they have "NO IDEA" as to why this is such a big deal....that's why I'm posting here....I know you guys know how I'm feeling. A cruise is such a relaxing way to vacation; and I'm really looking forward to the end of September for my Hawaii cruise. My DH and I, are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary, which is in December, but we want to go to Hawaii in September. I've already started getting my clothes ready and checking out what I need for the trip. No one but "you guys" will understand my impatience, until my next cruise. You might be hearing from me again and again until the time comes...... I know it's always something everyone looks forward to; but after going through some hard times, it's even more anticipated...

Happy Crusing....Buddy
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