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Default Re: It's Been 6 Months Since My Last Cruise....Why Does It F

You know, my daughter and I thought we were the only freakazoids who suffered from PCD so badly until we heard about this web site and discovered people were feeling the same way and were willing to actually talk about it. When you love cruising, you have to hide your feelings because no one in work wants to hear about it (they stare at me like I have three heads) and my family certainly doesn't want to listen to me anymore. Buddy, September is 3 months away, keep busy, don't rush your cruise, it passes so quickly. I live in south Florida so there are a lot of day trips that I plan with my family on the weekends even if it's just a ride to Key Largo for lunch. One thing I plan to do is go to a bookstore and pick up some travel guides for the islands I plan to visit in the future. We had a horrible day at Paradise Beach in Cozumel when we cruised the first week of May on the Valor so I want to investigate all the options available and be prepared as much as I can, maybe a quick trip to a bookstore for reading material regarding Hawaii will boost your spirits.
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