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Default EEEEEEK!

What ONE thing would you scream blue murder, if, when you unpacked, on your cruise, you realized you forgot to pack....It's a safe bet that, it wouldn't be the same thing for a man, as it would be for a woman.

I wanted to say, my hair dryer, but IF, I had to, I would go to the beauty salon every day
So, I decided on my makeup bag. Replacing all the goodies I shlep, would be costly, and I may not leave the cabin, if I didn't have it, so that gets my vote. How about you?

Also, do you really need a list to pack by, or do you have a routine you use? Or, do you just wing it and pray? Do you pack for your spouse? Do you rolI, or lay flat? Bubble wrap or cleaner bags, for less wrinkles? I know someone who has a cruise closet. That stuff, etc is ready when they are..those lucky stiffs! So, what's your story?


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