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Lynne &Trevor
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I have precription meds that I take-one a day for both. Neither is for a life threatening illness, but I rely on the one to keep me "young" and "cool". I take a bathing suit along on every cruise but seldom use it. Make-up--I've gone to work without it when I was running late and no one noticed. I could buy something in the ship store or in port. I would probably be upset if I forgot the shoes to go with my formal. Nothing like wearing a fancy dress and loafers! (although that would be more comfortable.)
We don't start packing until the week of, and more likely, the day before. We've travelled enough now to know what to take. Trevor would be unhappy if he forgot his shaver, bathing trunks, tie clasp or the belt for his pants. Last year we did the first formal up in the buffet area and enjoyed it just as much, so that would be Plan B if the formal dress attire didn't work out. Lynne

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