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Lynne and Trevor
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Trevor doesn't like to pack, but I'm trying to train him. He's still at the throw everything into a plastic bag stage!
I can get through the underwear and socks and bathing trunks, and maybe a couple of shirts, OK, but then the guessing really begins. Finally, after I've packed most of the stuff, IT starts--"Did you pack this?" "Did you make sure that?" "I don't like that T-shirt-it's too tight in the neck", "What socks did you pack?" I try to make sure he's thinking about what he wants to wear for a good week. Really, though, he's happiest in a T-shirt, shorts and his sandals, and, a baseball cap!
I have to admit that he cleans up pretty well and looks fabulous in his good suit-but last year he "dressed down" to a sports coat.
My problem is thinking of alternatives that I could have packed for myself. As previously stated in some other post, I used to work for the American Red Cross and am used to packing for 3 weeks of clothes at a time. On a one week cruise, I have to decide what will be "universal"-and TRY the capsule method.
As long as we have our undies, toiletries, medications, and documents, I think we could always get by, and maybe a change of clothes. "There's always Mastercard"-and the ship account!! Lynne Nothing is really an EEK! except the 4-5 things I mentioned that we couldn't live without.
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