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Default Re: how much longer

Michael Jackson is at best a person whose behavior in every sense varies from the norm about as far a can be. At worst he is a serial pediphile. Regardless of the outcome, let us hope his "camp" stops sweeping his bizarre behavior under the rug and gets him the help that his behavior cries out for.
On another front, ten years ago perhaps children went were sentto the ranch and parents did not know what to expect. After all the publicity surrounding the first two incedents one can only believe that parents who dropped their children off to be preyed upon by this man were simply selling out their childs innocence for the money and the brush with fame. To me that makes them more guilty than even Mr Jackson.
Someone needs to smack a little reality into Mr. Jackson. Maybe a stretch in prison, white collar or not, will be just what he needs.
The man is talented, but his behavior on all fronts and in all situations is beyond bizarre. He should not be around children, unsupervised, ever (including his own.
By the way Michael, I love your music.
Someone also needs to smack a little reality into the parents of these children and the group of fanatical wackos camped outside the courtroom in "support" of Michael.
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