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Lynne and Trevor
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Default Re: how much longer

I believe that if he is found guilty of anything-the recommendation should be to a psychiatric facility for treatment and guidance to figure out what led him to the bizarre behavior that he came to embrace. He seemed to be a normal child. And, he still looked pretty decent and was actually "good looking" in the 1980's (Thriller era). Then, he started to really get "goofy"-hair started to grow long, handkerchiefs over the face, etc. I can understand a skin condition, but that's no reason to let one's appearance change so dramatically. He no longer looks like the person who produced all that great music.
I'm not sure that either side completely sold the jury on guilt or innocence. Plus, in remembering the other famous trial of the mid-90's, I think the jury is thinking seriously enough about finding him guilty on at least one of the counts so it doesn't have people thinking that they were swept away by his celebrity status. I agree there is one person who maybe is being a little stubborn.

I hope it's soon, though. This circus has been going on long enough. Lynne
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