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Jen Young
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Default Re: It's Sunday, Rise & Shine!!!

Good Morning All,

Continues to be H, H and H!. We've had lots of thunder and lightening, but very little rain, towns all around us have gotten drenched, and we've had barely sprinkles. The blackflies are vicious, and now the misquitos are starting.

Graduation was ok - very hot at 90's with a very high humidity, no shade. I got burned in some places.

After we posed with some pictures with my niece. When my husband and I posed with her she said, that we were her second parents. That was such a nice thing to hear. I invest a lot into my nieces and it is nice to know they appreciate it.

Will be leaving for church soon, then home, where I hope to get something done for a change, then off to the Grad party.

Well, gotta run,

Hope you all have a relaxing day


P.S. - BigJohn - you asked if I liked doing everything that I do - not always, but I'd feel guilty if I didn't - and I on of those that hate to disappoint, have a hard time saying no. I bring the stuff on my self, so if I don't enjoy it I have no one to blame but myself.
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