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Lynne &Trevor
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Default Re: It's Sunday, Rise & Shine!!!

I've been up since shortly after 7, and it's now going on 9:30. My internal clock has gotten me accustomed to work hours so no sleeping in for me--unless I roll over that one last time.......
It's very humid here in Avon Park,Fl. The windows are all full of condensation. Of course, our AC was down to 74 for the night. It is back up to 80 (I get to touch the thermometer first). The sun is shining. We'll probably get some rain later--60% today-before it dries out for a couple of days. Now we're watching the next weather depression extending out to the Virgin Islands.
Those who were on the Caribbean Princess last week had a rocky ride and heavy rain in Cozumel, due to Arlene.
I'm glad the graduation parties are going well. We're waiting for one of our 15 year old grandson to come down on June 22 for a couple of weeks. Then his brother will be here for his winter break that includes Christmas and New Years.
Nothing of any consequence happening here today. I did track down my hairdresser yesterday and will be getting a hair cut at 5 today before she goes out for 4-6 weeks recovering from surgery. Phew! This humidity doesn't just make the grass grow!!
Bye for now. Lynne

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