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Default Re: Money Makes the World Go Round

I was twice involved in Class Action suits that I knew nothing about! Seems Celebrity and Princess overcharged a port fee at some island by $10.00 or so and someone figured that out about 2 years later.

I kept getting mail from a law firm, along with a zillion other passengers, I'm sure, and a few years later got some coupons for $10.00 off on my next Celebrity or Princess cruise. Of course, I didn't have the heart to use them.

It amazes me how lawsuit happy the country is. On a cruise on the Amsterdam a few years ago, the Norwalk virus broke out - I did not get sick but some people did. I spoke with a woman at the pool who asked if I was going to ask for some "compensation" and I asked her what for? She said she was going to talk to her lawyer. I said, "But you didn't get sick!" and she replied, "But I could have!"

So - Steph is right - a bunch of lawyers will make some money.
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