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Default Here's Your Check, I'm Calling 911

This was an interesting story on tv yesterday. What do you think?


A New York man was arrested for leving an inadequate tip in an upstate NY restaurant.
He faced misdemeanor charges of theft of services, after he, and his fellow diners argued over the legality of requiring an 18% tip for large parties.

He said they, "chased us down like we were criminals.

It seems he, and 8 others had pizza, were not exactly satisfied with the food,and left a tip
under 10%. they were also not old of the mandatory 18% gratuity, for parties over 6, he said.

He was arrested, fingerprinted, and had a mug shot taken..Was this overkill, or justified?

Thomas, we want to hear from you! My daughter was a waitress, I was for 5 minutes...
now that was an OY VEY! We consider ourselves considerate diners, tippers too, and we even stack the plates! Please don't give me cold food though.

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