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Default Re: Here's Your Check, I'm Calling 911

Is this regarding the same news report? (notice the date)

September 15, 2004
This is just too ridiculous
Posted at September 15, 2004 01:38 PM in Rants & Raves .
Every time I go to a restaurant and get good service I always leave a nice tip. It may be anywhere from 15 to 25 %. If the service or the food is bad I may or may not leave a tip.
If the food is bad but the service is good I'll try to leave the tip in cash and tell the waitress not to share it, then I complain to the restaurant owner about the food. I don't go to restaurants that ask for an additional "service charge."

I understand that the waitresses and waiters make a small hourly rate and depend on the tips to supplement their wages. But let us not forget that the proper word for tips is gratuities, meaning something given free or uncalled for.
If a waiter or waitress wants to get a good tip they should give good service. If I eat at a restaurant or diner and the food and or service is bad more than once I'll go elsewhere. Sometimes people have bad days, I do, and I try to take that into account when being served in a restaurant.
I have the option of leaving or not leaving a tip. I blame the local police especially for going after the man and his friends, they shouldn't have arrested that man.

Just try to arrest me for not leaving a tip, you'll wish you hadn't.
LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. -- A man arrested in an upstate New York restaurant for not tipping enough is off the hook.
Charges Dropped After Man Arrested For Small Tip Customer Says He Tipped 12 Percent
POSTED: 2:18 pm EDT September 14, 2004

Local prosecutors said they won't charge Humberto Taveras for not leaving a big enough tip at Soprano's Italian and American Grill in Lake George.

The 41-year-old Long Island man was arrested Labor Day weekend when the restaurant owner accused him of not leaving an 18 percent gratuity required for large parties.

Taveras said he wasn't aware of the policy -- and wouldn't have left that much money anyway because he and his friends weren't happy with the service. He said he left about a 12 percent tip on a $71 bill. He added the service was slow and the food was not that good.
But restaurant owner Joe Soprano said all the menus have the notice and the waitress told them, too. Soprano said he did not press charges because of the money. He said Taveras was rude.
The restaurant owners had police catch the Taveras family outside the restaurant in another store along Lake George's tourist strip.
Taveras was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor theft of services. He said restaurants should not be forced to make a person tip. It's supposed to be a thank you for good service.
The Warren County District Attorney's Office said a restaurant patron can't be forced to leave a gratuity. Prosecutors said establishments have to call it a service charge -- not a tip -- in order to make it a mandatory add-on charge.
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