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Jen Young
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Default Re: Good HOT Saturday Morn!

Good Morning All,

It is getting hot out there all ready.

I had such good plans for yesterday. I got out tied up loose ends at church then stopped at a local veg/plant stand and bought the hanging plants I needed, a few perrinniels to fill in bear spots and annuals for the planters and to brighten up the other beds. I figured I would unload them, get in the house at 10 and work on paper work until 3 -then even if I wasn't done I'd have a good handle on it and could finish here and there. Then I thought I get started on my planting and by the time the boys got home from work I 'd be available to help put the second coat of stain on the pool decking. Imagine my dismay when I drive in the driveway and first I notice my husband is home and he has removed everything from the deck that leads into the house. He had worked so many hours the night before he was sent home on rest time, he decided that the house deck needed to be stained (it did). So there went all my well laid plans. We stained that - it took hours then took a break for about an hour then tackled the second coat. Of course he got called out, son had a date and I was left to finish.

In the mean time my oldest sister kept calling as she needed to get a shower gift on my nephews bride-to-be registry on line and her computer wouldn't work. So I read her the list. Then she thought our brothers wife would like to do the same, so after about 3 calls I got it all ordered. There's more to the fiasco, but I don't even want to reveal it yet because if I tell you all about next weekends plans you'll all be exhausted and I don't want to spoil your weekend.

So this morning I'm getting a jump on the paperwork, then will trudge outside plant and finish up on a bunch of stuff out there. Then head to the grocery store and buy food and supplies then get on getting it ready, somehow get the laundry done and of course pick up the house and try and get some sleep before the Youth Group gets here tomorrow.

Hope you all have a great day.

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