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Default Re: Good HOT Saturday Morn!

Good Morning, "Mates!

Greetings to Trip, Bill and Jen! Yep, hot here, too! Very hot for June and no rain in sight, lawns are very brown, very dusty, we really need rain! Phyll told me to do a rain dance, I just might! :-) In winter, I dance for snow!

Trip, AC where you work is a good thing today, we're sending some more 90+ your way. I don't have to work today but I'm up early as I have a muscle pull in my shoulder that is bugging me, if I roll over on that side I wake up.

I'm going to take it easy today, no yard work, stay indoors, nurse my shoulder and neck, maybe venture down to the lakefront later for a brat and an ice cream. Not on my diet, but just want to touch base and let them know I'm still around.

Well, that's about it, have a great day/weekend everyone and stay cool!

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