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Default Re: Good HOT Saturday Morn!

Morning All, from Hot Hot Hot Montreal! Already 25C, like BW, it's going up to 35+ humidex, we're looking at temps in the 90'sF. Probably will be heading to my sister's pool today!
Last night was my son's Grad Dinner Cruise. They had an absolutely perfect hot summer evening sendoff from the Old Port in Montreal. All the kids looked so great all dressed up, boarding the little cruise ship, with 3 levels of dining tables indoors and an open top deck for music and dancing. I will post pics in the Personal Gallery as soon as I get a chance.
Last night also, my step-daughter and her husband arrived from Australia, via Hawaii. Their talk of Hawaii is making me really anxious for our cruise there next Jan.

Jen, once again, I'm exhausted reading your post. You've got to learn to relax girl!
Tweety, can't believe it's warmer in Montreal than it is in Florida!
Trip, like you, I'm thankful for AC today! Ours was just installed this past week.

Hope you all enjoy a great weekend!


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