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Lynne &Trevor
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Default Re: Good HOT Saturday Morn!

Good Morning
It's going on 11AM. Had Chorale practice this AM. Our concert, along with a potluck dinner is at 5PM. I'm not sure we're prepared for either this time, but, it'll be a forgiving and hungry audience-who will bringing some of the food.
Grandson, Josh, is out driving around in the golf cart before it rains. He and Trevor had just gotten up a few minutes before I got home at 10AM. Josh was playing my keyboard a little. He's pretty talented, we're finding out.
The rest of the day for me will be spent freshening up for the concert and listening to accompaniment tapes to the songs we're doing tonight. Because of vacation and not being able to get to sectional rehearsals because of my work schedule, it will be like studying for a vocabulary test. Know it well enough to get through it tonight. I know it pretty well, except for some of the fine points done at separate rehearsals.

We all sound as if we're busy or involved one way or another. Have a great day! Lynne

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