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Default Re: Diets, Diets , Diets.......

I am still trying to loose a bit more weight, but am also trying to "level off" my eating habits.

Atkins was great for the quick reward...losing 30 lbs in 6 weeks...but I don't firmly believe it offers the balance for a lifetime of nutrition. Now my goal is to eat "normally" in a manner that will not add weight.

Even on our two week cruise we were able to eat, and not add weight because of our eating choices.

In looking at all the alternatives, I think eating NO sugar is a key. Those great looking pastries, no matter how small, carry LOTS of calories.

Cutting out my full meal -snack between 11 PM and midnight has probably helped as much as cutting out all the carbs etc.

BTW.. Mrs Kuki, since she was doing the cooking for my diet, and as a result eating mostly the same foods, has lost almost 20lbs.

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