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Default Re: Diets, Diets , Diets.......

I'm losing weight but not following a structured diet, more or less controlling my portion size. I've lost 18, maybe 20 lbs so far. I'd like to lose at least 7 more maybe 10, I want to weigh what I did when I was 50 (8 years ago)!

I started Curves in November but didn't start dieting until the middle of January. My sister in Iowa said she joined and wanted to lose 50 lbs. so I thought o.k. I'll get serious, too! She's lost 35 lbs, her hubby 50, saw them 2 wks ago and they look great!

My problem was portion size and snacking between meals, at work, etc. I now make healthy choices in Abbott's cafe, no more deserts after lunch, no sweet rolls, no candy bar in the afternoon. Abbott's publishes a menu every day and tells you what choices are heart healthy, calories, etc.

I eat my main meal at work with skim milk, no more soda, and at night I make a salad, with spinach, lettuce, veggies, etc. My eating habits were never horrible, just quantity issues. I have cereal at home in the a.m. and take fruit to work with me to have with milk. Before I'd eat cereal/fruit at home, get to work and have a sweet roll! :-)

I've increased my milk intake because Curves is on a milk kick right now, supposed to help in weight loss. I'm at the age where added milk won't hurt, certainly better than fruit juice or soda pop. I drink lots of water, too! I'm also exercising alot, Curves, ride my bike several miles daily, walking in the evenings.

That's my story, I really wanted to fit into a jump suit dressy outfit I wore in 2002 on the "Get Lei'd" cruise and let me tell you, in January, that wasn't happening! I can now fit in it just fine and even sit down!!! :-) 65 days to go until my Sea Princess cruise!

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