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Default Re: Diets, Diets , Diets.......

Atkins does have a lifetime plan. The book "Atkins for Life" spells it all out. It is for those who have lost their weight and want to keep it off. Atkins Revolution is the first book needed to follow the Atkins diet. It explans how to do it. It also outlines the gradual steps into each phase. I have been loosely following the diet for 2 years now. I have made steady and gradual losses. My Dr was at first worried about the fats and what he thought was a lack of vgetables. He has been monitoring my "numbers" through it all. My cholesterol is good, bad Cholesterol is down and good cholesterol is up. My blood sugar is good. I get plenty of veggies from the list provided for a person on the first phase of Atkins and as I move into other phases I will be adding more variety. Yes if you suddenly stop eating by the plan and go back to old habits you will gain the weight back. This is true with ANY diet. You can never go back to the way you were and expect the weight to stay off. The key is all good things in moderation wether you follow Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, Sugar Busters or whatever diet. As for Dr Atkins being overweight there is much speculation about that and the swelling and fluid from the comatose state at the time of his death. I agree he was a bit overweight for a man of his stature. Dr Phil is grossly overweight but that did not stop him from writing a diet book. Funny but it did not take long for Dr Phils book to drop out of sight. Dr Atkins books are still being sold some 30 years after the first print.


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