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All of you should be congratulated for loosing weight!!! Whatever diet it is - or rather a life style change because that is what it needs to be to keep the weight off - the fact that you are doing it says so much!!! My father in law whom I love dearly just will not change his eating at all and he now has congestive heart failure, diabetes, blockage of the heart etc. I worry about him as he has been in and out of hte hospital and feel so sad for the health problems that are hurting his way of life when he should be healthy. Please stay with the life style changes for your health - it is soo important and I so wish my father in law would if not for himself then for all of us who love him... It is very hard to keep a life style with lower weight but it is so worth it. I look at food and gain weight so to keep a small stature I have to eat lots of vegitables and very very little sweets. You really come to love vegitables and lower fat meats like chicken breast and fish when you eat them more often and change your mind set - my father in law doesn't belive me but I have been working on my hubby for 16 years now and he eats so much better!!! He actually likes good food and craves it now so life style works!! Actually it is so much fun for us to get together and try different recipes together and cook and we have fianlly found out how to do fish without that fishy smell and taste - he has always not liked that... Have FUN with your new life styles and keep looking in the mirror and seeing how wonderful that new life style looks on you and how much better you feel... I'm there too - watching whatever goes in my mouth... One thing that keeps my hubby going is an active life style - loves to scuba dive, travel (cruise), water ski - just getting back into that with a used boat, walking, camping, riding bikes - anything to stay active. My father in law just feels really depressed when he thinks of all the things he can not do anymore just becuase he loves to eat pork fat and white bread and drink soda and no veggitables or water... Is food really worth your life?? Debbie
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