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Default Re: WHICH Ship Is Worth The Money To Try??

Mermaid - been on Carnival, NCL (only once under old management before freestyle) and RCL. Many on CCL and RCL.

I've always wanted to travel on the "Love Boat" which is Princess cruise line. I've wanted to sail on the Grand Princess since she came out. The RCL Voyager would be great too.

BUT! I really wanted to sail on the Carnival Destiny when it came out and didn't think I'd get the chance. Well hubby really wanted to try it too - with all the hype about it we thought we just had to try it and I got a last minute "night owl" cabin back in March 99 and we flew to Miami last minute and boarded the Destiny... SO EXCITED!!! Well, it did the Western Caribean which we could do cheaper out of New Orleans (Not out of Galveston then with 7 nighters) but we flew to Miami because of the ship. NOT the route. Although one bonus was the route was in Cozumel till midnight so we could do a night dive for the first time. Well, I got sick from the flu. Combine that with a night owl cabin..... We did the night dive and froze in cold water. (great dive though and a great memory since we haven't done it again) and I guess the main thing was the ship wasn't worth it. In the end we had more fun on a smaller ship so we decided not to go for the ship itself as this one just didn't pan out to be anything really but a bigger (more cabins) version of their other ships and hitting college spring break head on didn't help any either! So maybe it was more me being sick and try to avoid violent (fights) rude and obnoxious college kids that happen to be 2000 to 1000 veteren cruisers colored my judgement. So now I'm asking others if they thought the ship itself - if you went out of the way to try a particular ship - was it worth it or did you figure out that the ship didn't make as much difference as the people on board or the itenerary?????? Debbie
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