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Default Re: Why do people cruise like they work

When my ex FIL, started me cruising in the mid 70's, it was the only way that my ex MIL could get him to relax because once she got him on the ship, there was nothing for him to do but relax. With today's focus on making the ship the destination, wireless internet, bungee and rock climbing activity, mega size ships carring 3600 passengers, if he were cruising today he would find it much harder just to relax

I think one of the advantages of going in a day early is that it starts the relaxation process one day sooner, so when you get on the ship on your 2nd day you are already in your vacation "mode"..when you fly in the day off, or on the redeye the night before, you basically lose your first day of vacation "mode" and everyone knows the last day of a cruise is stress time, you really only relax 5 out of 7
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