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Default Re: Glory B Cruise in 2 months!

George and I will be flying in on the 10th from Chicago, O'Hare, hopefully we'll have time to spare...At this point we still plan on taking the Carnival transfer from MCO to the port, so don't let the ship sail without us. The rest of the family that is going are on Sprit Airlines and have an earlier flight, so they should be onboard nice and early, although they have a later flight out at the end of the cruise.

We are in cabin 7442, an aft balcony cabin. Have had a few of these on Royal CAribbean, so I'm hoping this will be simular. My daughter in law just called, and they have been assigned a cabin up on deck 9, so they did well with booking a guarantee.

So far, I've booked the dolphin swim for Cozumel, so that should be a lot of fun, kids did too, so I still have to pick out an excursion or two, or play it by ear when we get there. Lets hope we have wonderful weather, no storms!

See you all in 2 months :-)


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