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Default That damn ice scoop!!!

We were inspected at the restaurant yesterday and the only demerit we got was the ice scoop left in the ice bin in the bar. If it wasn't for that we'd have scored 100. But the problem is one inspector says it needs to stay in the ice bin and another inspector says it needs to stay in it's own container outside of the ice bin. Good grief! I wish they'd make up their mind.

As a side note: This was the first inspection we've had in 8 months. We usually get inspected every 4 months or less. I was talking with the inspector and he said the cut backs in the department meant less inspectors to cover more area and therefore less inspections.

For all those out there who vote for less taxes this is a result of your voting. Personally, I want the inspector coming every month if I could have it. It's another set of eyes looking at my operation and helping to keep my customers safe from food contamination. Sometimes we are so busy with operating the business it's good to have somebody trained to do nothing but look for possible problems helping. But everybody wants lower taxes so the people in Florida are now eating at restaurants that are inspected less than twice per year.

I have to brag about one thing though. In 10 years of serving customers we've never had one complaint of a sickness. Now complaints about the owner are normal!

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