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Default The Name Game !!

Do you like your name? if you had the chance would you change it? Is there a story to your name? What would it be? Are you named after someone/ Are you a jr, or III?

When I had my kids, I became, a name fanatic. Their names had to be lyrical. I had a one syllable last name,so that meant I could not have a one syllable first name. The letters of the 3 names could not spell anything, that kids could make fun of...They ended up being: Michael Damon, Jonathan Evan, & Nicole Allyson.

I was never a fan of my name Linda, middle name Ann..There are many many Linda's born around my birth year. Buddy Clark, had a record called, Linda, which my Father loved. Lots of other parents loved the song too I guess The Everly Brothers made it famous in the 60' sister was named Helen...she never liked it, so she changed it to Deven....just by changing 2 letters, she moved up a few generations..she called my Mother and said,I hope you don;t mind , but......... when she hung up, I told my Mother, I was changing my name to Hermione...did she mind? And my Mother really didn't mind..whatever made her happy, she said... She was like thatt

My Fathers siblings all had biblical names, he was Jacob, but just HOW, did an Ida sneak in there, we wondered

My Mother is French, her name Lucienne...her familys names sound like they came from a romance novel.

Sometimes, when I see kids names with what the parents think is a cutsy spelling, I feel for the kid, who, forever more, has to spell that gosh darn name.

Phew.....I guess I am done now. oh I would be: Sunshine Moon Unit Chastity Pearl

So whats YOUR story?


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