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Default Re: The Name Game !!

There is no story behind my name but there is a cute one that goes with my youngest daughter, who is now 28.

I wanted to name her Shayla but her dad thought it was too weird so we agreed on Stephanie. As it turned out she came very early (28 weeks) and back then there was almost no chance of saving a baby born that early. My mom was in another hospital having surgery when the baby was born so she couldn't be with me, but my dad and husband were there. After she was born i told my dad that her name was Stephanie and he went to the other hospital to see my mother and tell her about the baby.

Now, you need to know that my dad is very spacey and forgetful and is the butt of lots of family jokes. Anyway, while I was in recovery my husband came in and told me that he felt bad, knowing that I wanted to name the baby Shayla and now the baby was probably going to die and...well, he changed his mind and said I could name her Shayla. COOL! I was happy about that (and I wasn't admitting to myself yet that she might die.)

A short while later my mom calls me from her hospital and says, "How is little Stephanie?" I said, "Oh, her name isn't Stephanie..... it's Shayla." Mom said.....

"Your father can't get ANYTHING right!"

So, the one time that my dad remembered something right he STILL got blamed for being spacey and forgetful, lol.

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