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Default Re: The Name Game !!

I was named for my grandmothers. My maternal grandmother was Laura Mabel and my paternal grandmother was Elizabetta. So I am Laura Elizabeth. I love my name now but not always. As a young girl I wanted to be Linda. Back in the 60's the Lindas seemed to be the popular girls, the girls in the "in crowd" I wanted to be one of them. My sister Mary Ann was simply a name that my mother loved, she was not named for anyone. My brother Thomas William was sort of named for my father and my grandfather. My father coming from an Italian family was Tulio. My mothers family for some unknown reason always called him Tom. I have no idea why as everyone else always called him Tulie. My grandfather was Waldo but his brother was William. Unable to name her son Tulio Waldo he became Thomas William.


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