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Default Re: The Name Game !!

I was named after the actress Jennifer Jones - who I'm sorry to say - I have no clue as to anything about her. The Beth was just something they liked.

My husband's middle name was after his grandfather - Wilfred.

My daughter - Elizabeth - I wanted a Biblical name, Anne - because my mother's middle name is Anne and my mil's name is Anna.

My son - Josiah - I wanted another Biblical name - and I loved this one - it had a real old timey feel. His middle name is Frederick - which was my father's name.

My kids are now called Lizz and Joe - go figure.

I'm glad I wasn't a boy as my father wanted the name Hiram and my mother would have put my middle name as Abner (after her father) - how awful is that. Then as my father got older - he said he wished he'd thought of this name earlier - I'd have been named Polly Esther - can you imagine.

I can't wait to see what my grandchildren will be named. My daughter has been thinking up names since she was in 7th grade - and to be quite honest they are pretty dreadful.

VTJen (who shortened it because I didn't particulary like my name and really didn't seem like a Jenny. My brother always called me Jeffiner - he really wanted me to be a boy).
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