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Default Re: Good Saturday Morning......

Good Morning All,

It is cool this morning. The dog (who was wide awake very early) and I took a lovely walk up the hill and into the woods and field. The sun was filtering thru the trees and the birdsong filled the air with a jaunty lilt. On the way down the hill I get a wonderful view across town and up into the Hills - the morning mists and fogs against the green hills - was a beautiful sight.

My son went on a hike yesterday and is camping out someplace on the Long Train (I believe they started at the Canadian Border to hike south). I hope he is having a blast. He went with a friend and two men from Church. It is a nice break from his girlfriend. I just am having such a hard time watching a bright, beautiful girl spriral downward because she has had such poor parenting. She met with the Pastor yesterday - and seemed much better. Then she just disappeared. Her younger sister called our house looking for her. She was waiting because Amie was supposed to bring her out to get something to eat (remember the father won't buy them groceries). I told her I'd last seen Amie at 2:15 she was head to a Dr. appointment, then the bank and wanted to be home by 4 - at 11 p.m. there was still no sign of her. Her father and girlfriend finally went home - but they had no concern about her whereabouts. I just can't believe she would leave her sister hanging like that and not get her food or even call her. She only a couple of friends and didn't appear to be there. I'm nervous about her well being - but what can I do? Hoping to hear something soon. We have plans for me to take her grocery shopping today. An earlier Dr. appointment revealed this week that she has high blood pressure and her sugar is high - both because of her poor eating. When she does eat, it is often something with a lot of carbs or sugar. I feed her when ever she is here and send stuff home with her, but now I'm taking her to the store and stocking her up on lots of well balanced - easy to eat stuff.

Oh, well I'm going to try and keep focused on happier things, as if I don't my day will completely ruined. I still have tons to do here as I didn't get out of work as early as I'd hoped and by the time I got home I was so exhausted that I was unable to perform a single task - and of course my husband got called out because a tree was burning on a line in some remote place.

Lots to do today. My daughter's boyfriend is flying in from Tennesee on Monday - and he is a clean freak, so I must try and make this old house look presentable - a task that will not be easily done.

Hoping everyone has a great day,
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