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Default Re: The Name Game !!

I was named Carolyn Joy because my mother's first name was Carolyn and her best friend was Joy and she said I was her pride and joy. She called me Joy. My last name was Lee and in school when we would do neat coloring projects that you would use the name you were called and your last name, I would beg the teacher to let me use Carolyn too because I would always get done before anyone else...... I only had 6 letters for me!! I made sure that when I had children they were called by their first name and that it was a long name. First daughter, Meredith, second, Jennifer (I never saw the movie Love Story, I just loved the name Jennifer). One of the sweetest stories of naming a little girl was from my mother's niece who died when she was 23 when her youngest daughter was 2. Hilda (niece) had decided to name her baby if it was a girl, Karen but was having trouble with a middle name, so she took the first 2 letters of her best friends from school-La for Laura-Be for Betty-Th for Theresa and named her Karen Labeth. It was such a sweet and sad story for Hilda did not live long with her little girl and Karen loves that story about her mother. Karen is now 42 and her mother died 40 years ago.


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