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Default Re: The Name Game !!

My sisters and I have no middle names. My mother did not like her middle name, so she decided we would not have them. She was Eva Veronica and all her married life used EJC as her initials, Eva Juneau Carlson, she loved her French connection.

Actually none of us use our formal names either. Kathleen, Judith and Susan are all Kathy, Judy and Susie. When I was named, my mothers sisters (4) all said, she'll be Susie all her life and my mom said what is wrong with that?

Here in the Mobile Home Park where I live, people were always surprised my dad called me Susie, most people call me Sue. Susie suits me better, I don't mind Sue but really do not like Susan as it just doesn't seem to fit me. People at VW and Abbott's call me Susie.

Susan is my legal name but I don't mind the cutsie version. I know Susan's that would never ever be Susie!

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