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Default Re: The Name Game !!

I am named (sort of) after my father's sister, Angelina (which I sort of like better than Angela). My middle name was supposed to be Maria but they made a mistake on my birth certificate so it's Marie.
My mother wanted to name me Vita since my dad's name was Vito but he vetoed (!) that idea because he said I would always remind him of the Vita brand herring in a jar.
When our daughter was born I was so convinced that I was having a boy I told my husband that if it was a girl he could name her.....and that's how we ended up with Hayley! (boyhood crush on Hayley Mills). Her middle name is Kathleen for my sister. The poor kid, most times her name is misspelled. We also knew that with our last name starting with a Z that we couldn't give her a first name with an E.
Our son is a James. In Italian families (I'm half) the first born son is generally named after the fathers father. We were lucky that this name also belonged to my grandfather and my brother so we hit a lot of bases with that pick!
My husband is David but have no idea where that came from.
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