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Default Re: The Name Game !!

Growing up, my name was Luanne Rawls. I hated it, because of the singer Lou Rawls. Lots of jokes at school. I never had a middle name, because my mom and dad fought over it(Elizabeth) and my dad won.

When i because a teen, a song came out called Luanne by Toto. I learned to like my name then.

My husband's family all have the same iniitials, so I followed that for the boys. I wanted names from the bible, because I was not suppose to have kids, and figured that it was the thing to do. Joshua David, was named after David in the bible, but the Joshua althought also is in the bible, I heard the name while watching Guilding Light. I was 33 when Josh was born, and when I went for my six weeks check up, I was already pregnant again. Joe was named after my grandfather, and also Jim's grandfather, but I did not have a middle name. A girl I worked with in Germany had a crazy husband, but I liked his name and it fit. So Joe because Joseph Daniel.

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