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Lynne and Trevor
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I am Lynne Ann. My father told me that my name was originally going to be Diana Lynn, after an actress. Yes,I have heard of her. However, my mother met a woman, either when she was younger or who she met in the Navy, who was very elegant and had nice things and was a success in my mother's eyes. Her name was Lynne. I guess Ann was chosen because it went with everything. My paternal grandmother always put an E at the end of the Ann, too!
My mother's name is Frances Betty, but she's been called Bette, in the family. My aunt is Constance Mildred. My step-grandmother was Ella Henrietta. My father is Alvin George.
Earlier initials had me as LAM--Lynne Ann Murray (maybe they called me "lamb"). When I married, it went to LAN. Nothing significant there. Another marriage had me becoming LAB-Lynne Ann Butler, and now, I'm Lynne Ann Warman--LAW. Interestingly enough, my mother's other sister, Barbara, ended up marrying a Bob Law, so that "name" has been in the family before.
My two boys are James Robert (Robert was his dad) and he's called Jamie. The second son(who I thought would be a girl and would be named Jennifer Lynne--yep-1971--is actually a Kenneth David. (I had a crush on a boy named David in Jr. High). He is called Kenneth!! He is named for my mother's brother who was killed in the Canadian Navy in WW II (Kenneth Hugh--called "Hughie")
There are several Irenes in Trevor's family, and many Trevor's in Trevor's family. His son is named Trevor which can get confusing-middle initial is different, thank goodness.The immediate family calls my Trevor, "Ted, or Teddy" (teddy bear).Step-daughter, Irene has named her now 5 year old, Caleb, which turns out to be another family name.
Young Trevor's 3 children are Jeremi Douglas, Joshua Patrick, and Jessica Ann. I've always been bothered because the girl got the plain name and the boys have neat middle names.
Lynne (whose boss calls "Lynnie-Bug".)
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