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Default Vacation Etiquette Advice/Cruise Easy

Many apologies in advance about this post, I'll understand if no one is willing to reply because the subject is only peripherally related to cruising. But this board has provided such great input/advice on our upcoming Glory cruise on 8/20 and I cannot find anywhere else to post this question and it is a bone of contention between my husband and I. And the question illustrates how EASY it is to take along a childs friend on a cruise versus a regular beach vacation. So maybe some of you will be willng to just provide an opinion on the matter.I THANK YOU. I really don't know if I am being overly miserly or overly generous.

I am ready to book next summers vacation, unfortunately it has to cost substantially less than our 05 cruise, so I am renting an ocean front condo for a week instead. My oldest son will be into his first year of medical school and cannot join us. So for the first time it is just me, husband, son and daughter. I was considering having each kid bring along a friend for the week.

If each takes a friend, I will be need a 3 BR unit instead of a 2 BR unit at a larger expense. No sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags. Also I will be providing the transportation ( 8 hour drive) for all of us. I will provide all breakfasts, lunches, snacks and drinks for the entire party for the 7 days while we are in the condo.

However, I do not cook dinner when I am on vacation, whether a cruise, hotel or condo. This is where I draw the line for MY VACATION as a stay at home mom. I expect dinner out every night to run at about $30 per teen friend (they enjoy good food). Is it rude or unreasonable to invite my kids friends but to ask them to pay for their dinner expenses over the week in addition to their entertainment expenses? My husband thinks we will appear rude/cheap by inviting our kids friends and telling the parents they will have to send money for dinner.I completely disagree.

If we were talking about a cruise and inviting a 3rd/4th person in the cabin, the additional charge would be paid by the friend and cover meals and I think thats about it. It would be much easier to tell the parent, the 3/4th person in the cabin cost $X. Obviously shore excursions would be extra as well.

PLEASE I would really appreciate your opinion on this matter. My sister told me that it is nice to invite one of my childs friends but they should not expect to get a totally expense free vacation. If they do, then I should just invite someone else who would appreciate the opportunity to enjoy a weeks vacation at a very minimal cost.

PLEAE give me your advice. I think my husband is totally off the wall. But I just dont know for sure. THANKS
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