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Default Re: Vacation Etiquette Advice/Cruise Easy

i also think its fine to ask for a contribution towards expenses from non family members..i think the key is to be up front about it..
identify the costs accurately and then approach your kids with the offer to let them bring companions along with the understanding that the companions will contribute $$..its always easier to ask for something up front than to retroactively bring the subject up..i am taking my kids on a cruise in a few weeks and we were going to drive 1200 miles to save the cost of the i have figured out what the additional costs will be to fly instead of drive and im going to my kids with an offer to cut household expenses for the next 2 see if they want to order to fund the additional cost...i dont mind driving and im paying for everything if they want the benefit of flying then they can help pay..(they are 21 and 19)

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