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Default Re: Vacation Etiquette Advice/Cruise Easy

This tends to be a new trend - at least to me - to have the kids bring friends on vacation. My rich boss does this. BUT I will need to ask the details - I'm pretty sure the extra kid picks up all expenses for their portion of the trip - And if you haven't already asked the friends parents I would ask them straight out that look this is what we do (eat out at nice places every night) and we would need that portion covered for your kid.

I remember having family vacations where it was just family. You got family time - how much time would you have on vacation if all their attention is around the friend? By the way - what if they get in a fight? What do you do? If you rent a condo on the beach there will be other kids there with their parents and I'm sure they would meet new kids and make new friends without having to bring a friend. I know it is "the thing" now but back 20 years ago we got to take friends with us on day trips but not on vacation.

If I can vote - I will vote for CRUISE and let kids find new friends... Or how about renting an RV and let hubby cook and clean each night for you??? I have been deprived of my camping lately with all the rain so I have that on my mind... Debbie
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